This is the Travellers Autobarn Prototype van. The vehicle itself has been fully serviced and just completed a full Automatic Transmission rebuild. Fully serviced and apart for the mileage (285,075 miles) needs nothing to be spent on it before hitting the road. Being the prototype there are a few differences from our standard fleet vehicles. You will notice the roof profile is slightly different, as we purchased this roof shell before we commenced production of our own fiberglass roofs. It does not come with a fitted cooked but with a portable cooker. Fridge and Interior are all basically branch new, it's been slept in for a total of 7 nights. SOLAR PANEL and rear USB's and 12V power outlets included. We had this vehicle sold but the buyer's finance fell through. This is your one and only chance at securing a Travellers Autobarn vehicle in 2021 that's under $36,000 miles. We are happy to assist with the installation of things like side awnings, reverse cameras, dash cams, etc at COST. Just discuss your needs with Jordan or Richard in LA. Join the #VANLIFE movement the easy way! This vehicle gives you all of the comforts of home, but has wheels so now home truly is "where you make it."


  • - Fabric Driver/Passenger seats. (Leather Middle seat).
  • - Leather armrest.
  • - Overhead Dome Light (Adjustable dimming lights).
  • - 6 Preset Radio buttons.
  • - Middle seat cubby. (Extra storage)
  • - Adjustable middle seat. (Rear & Forward sliding).
  • - Automatic Locks.
  • - Automatic Windows.
  • - Automatic Side View Mirrors
  • -
  • - Adjustable Steering wheel height.

An internal height of 6'5", full size bed (Leather Cushions), kitchenette with, 12V powered refrigerator, microwave, 12V power station, sink, twin size secondary bed (Leather Cushions), integrated fabric walls, large overhead dome lights with (multi - color lighting option), Ampele counter space, Adjustable dining table, and LOADS of storage space. The sink is hooked up to a 14 gallon internal water tank that is fillable with most any water hose, and has a 16 gallon grey water tank. This gem is also equipped with a 160 watt solar panel that provides power to your 12V house battery; making the dream of off grid camping a reality!


There is also a 30A plug located on the side of the van that will allow you to plug in at most any campground in the US! This Camper is immediately available to check out at our Los Angeles Depot. Come by anytime from 10AM-4PM PST and check out your next adventure!
Motor Dealer Licence

  • AUTO
  • VAN
  • Rego Expiry 30/04/2020
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Price$15,750

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