This is your last chance to grab a Ford Falcon Station wagon out of TAB Cairns. This 2007 Ford falcon is in overall very nice condition with a massive booth large enough to accommodate a double size mattress. It has the most reliable 6 cylinder engine and a sport automatic gear box. Driving this vehicle feels like you never left the comfortable armchair at your grandparents place with the comfort of air conditioning for the sweltering hot summer days and humidity to come soon. We will supply camping equipment for 2 people including a esky, tent, chairs table gas stove, cups pots pan, and much much more. The vehicle will be supplied with a Queensland Safety Certificate, 6 months registration and a guaranteed title. We take care of everything for you. All you need to do is come in, inspect, pay and drive away once we are done doing the administration work for you. A little more expensive than the other one you saw in town????? Yes slightly but remember we also GIVE statutory dealer warranty 1000 km/1 months 2 week local FULL warranty 5000 km engine and gearbox warranty Australia wide guaranteed buyback 2 months 50%, 6 months 40% and 1 year 30% safety certificate registration and clear title Travellers network of mechanics all around Australia 6 TAB branches to call your home away from home if you need any assistance road side assistance membership
Motor Dealer Licence MD14184

  • Complied 2007/08
  • Location: Cairns
  • Price$4,480

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